room R illustration (English Version) CM Storyboard Drowing Method

  Drowing Method


絵コンテ イラストボード 
 Board: crescent #310 
Product of U.S.A. Presently in use for its color generability
and usefulness, although it has irregurality in quality.

Ever-mechanical pencils are used for drafting. 
I used to sharpen regular pencils by cutters, but changed to mechanical pencils in order to save time.
As a lead, 0.5mmHB Pentel-FOR PRO is my favorite.
Regular pencils give good taste upon using, but .........


After laying out each cuts on the board, the size of the TV frame is decided.
The frame will be drawn with rather a hard pencil, then the draft will be drawn.

For example ...... it will be like this. ( Please excuse me for expressing my male-natural desire!)  
2:Drawing with pens

Maru-pen and holbein BLACK ink is used.
I try not to change the mood of the draft drawings, but .......  

インク 丸ペン 
with this result ......  

WINSOR & NEWTON transparent watercolors are used
Paintbrushes .... KASUMI (large & medium size) by SEISIN-DO (purchased at UEMATSU, Shibuya) is my favorite.
KASUMI is quite firm and gives best results in drawing both fine lines and large areas.
Drawing like Japanese paintings by wetting the surface and shading off is also possible
Transparent watercolors are excellent for both pale colors and strong, flashy colors, giving clear expression.
I also use Dr.Ph.Martin's ink ( ex.., blue, pink...) for its color generabilty.

透明水彩 絵の具 筆 
梅皿 筆洗 

イラスト 色の塗り方  Putting on the skin color  

イラスト 色の塗り方  Giving solid impression with the same color  
イラスト 色の塗り方  Putting in shadows  
イラスト 水彩の描き方  Putting colors on cheeks, eyes, and mouth  
イラスト 水彩の塗り方  Coloring the background, the hair  
水彩 絵コンテ 完成  Finished!  

If you can draw this in about 30 minutes, you can also be a storyboard artist at once! (9 x 12 cm)
Small tips : Use white in highlights, don't mix it with other colors.