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The illustration company which produces a picture / an illustration in Japan.
I draw commercial Storyboard mainly.

The work of the picture is exhibited in PAINTING.

ストーリーボード(CMコンテ/絵コンテ)制作:roomR illustration
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ストーリーボード(CMコンテ/絵コンテ)制作:roomR illustration

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Haruyoshi Shindoh

illustrator Haruyoshi Shindoh

Born in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Present address: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Freelance storyboard artist after working for "Ken Art Center,co.,Ltd."

1988: Established "Room R Illustration, Co., Ltd."

April, 1997: Purchase of P.C. Macintosh

August,1998: Opening of Home Page Profession

Storyboard artist mainly in the field of TV commercials

Concerning the DATA

The storyboards will be sent to you either by original illustration or by Macintosh processed prints.
In case you need original data of the "Photoshop "(including layer) , it is necessary to take in data by hundreds of Mega-Byte, requiring time and labor for downloading .
Please consult me about this beforehand. (commision will be charged)
My data cannot be guaranteed under ColorSync profiles and other environments. Display, scanner, printer, color correction between Photoshops are all optimized under my environment.
I fear that the color of the original illustration could be much different under other environments.
Therefore, if you need to do your work in your computers, I would recommend to take in the illustration from the original work, rather than using my data. (In order to reimage the colors of the original illustration)
If you can process the illustration by Macintosh yourself, I can give you the original illustration in original material.
Please consult me if you need Photoshop data for other reasons.

  • Can also be appended to E-Mails by jpeg
  • Huge data which cannot be sent by mail, or data in large quantities can be downloaded from Homepage
  • Data will be given in MO or CD (June 2001 present)

You can receive the illustration from my Home Page

When the illustration is larger than 10 Mega-Byte, or when they are in large quantities, it is quite difficult to send them by E-mail.
In this case, you can download the works from my Home Page.
URL will be informed to you by E-mail. (For those of you who live outside of Tokyo, it is faster than using Urgent Post Service)

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The informed URL will be deleted after receiving your notice that you have completed the downloading.

The URL will be changed every time.

If you have any questions concerning the storyboard illustration fee and other conditions,
please feel free to contact me by E-mail.


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